Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Purpose

New Purpose

When I started this blog I thought it would be a way to tell Tad’s story without writing a book. I have learned from my experience and now understand a blog does not lend itself to linear story-telling.  I have now retired and enough time has passed for me to relax, refresh, and rededicate myself to telling Tad’s story in a book. The first step is to read ALL the source material which may take considerable time. I will post some material to this blog so it can be available to the public. I also plan on providing links to resources and other helpful information when possible. Posts will continue to be irregular.

I want to thank anyone who has chosen to follow my blog or even just visited. You have encouraged me no end. I have been telling about Tad all my life and it’s amazing the number of people who just don’t “get it”, who don’t seem to understand what an achievement it is for anyone to overcome deaf-blindness. People who are deaf and blind are like Helen Keller in one thing only – their deaf-blindness. There are as many ways of living with that disability as there are ways of being “normal”. There were assumptions about what anyone who was disabled could and could not do that persisted until they were challenged by other pathfinders. For me, Tad’s story is important because he did not live his life just like Helen Keller – he lived it like Tad Chapman. If you know someone who is living with deaf-blindness I hope they also have the opportunity to find their own path, their own normal.

P.S. As I go through the source material I plan on developing a PowerPoint presentation with the intent of doing some speaking for motivational or informational purposes. More on this later.

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