Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moving forward any way I can

Still more thoughts about the "right tool for the job" and question if I'm the right tool. Trying to work on the book/blog after a full day at work is daunting to say the least. I wake up at night and worry that I haven't added anything recently. I can't let it go but I have no energy for it. I recently was told that, "Comfort is the enemy of success". From my recliner, I agree. BUT-I get a 4-day weekend so perhaps?
1/21/13 - Today is the last day of a 4-day weekend and I have been busy. I have added a page for my thoughts and memories and I will be adding a "Scrapbook" page for images from Tad's actual scrapbook and family pictures (which I plan to crop carefully to respect family privacy concerns as much as possible). I plan on returning this page to posts from the actual documents.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The right tool for the job?

I'm finding myself dissatisfied with the use of the blog to publish these documents. I thought about making a website but I'm not sure that would be any better. I'm starting to think that I'll transfer what I've written to a Google document that's linked to this blog. I could use the blog to report on my progress but do the real writing in the document. I think this may give me better control over image placement and it will be more readable. I've been finding that when I put an image in the blog it sometimes changes after I think it's OK. Another challenge is that my printer has died (scanner still works). But obstacles don't mean endings. I need to look into these options before I make any decisions.
One of the challenges of this project is dealing with the papers. I tend to get things spread out all over the floor and/or table (usually and) and things get mixed up. I've always been better at organizing things on the computer but have so much material that I'm reaching the limits of my organizational skills there. More time would help since there would be more continuity, but that's not going to happen for awhile. I'm working my way through again and sorting out what I've already used, what I've chosen not to use, and what comes next.
I'm still musing about format - blog, document, website? I've even considered a Facebook page. No decision today. But I'm moving forward. - Jane

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few thoughts - or maybe just justifications for bad behavior

I've been feeling badly that I haven't updated this recently. I have been challenged this year by depression and health issues. I'm about 1 year away from being eligible to retire from my current job with a local government agency. Although nobody else has a job, my workload gets bigger and bigger, the agency pushes us harder and harder and, face it, I'm not getting younger so I don't have as much energy to use to get through the day. When I got to this stage of Tad's story I pictured myself going thru all the material and presenting conclusive arguments proving my opinion that Tad's experiences and the publicity in the newspapers at that time were germinal to the American's With Disabilities Act. My grandfather made the State of South Dakota pay for Tad's education by appearing before the legislators and proving Tad was capable of learning; therefore, according to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, the State had to provide him with an education. I have books with my grandfather's notes in the margins that date from that time. My grandfather was the son of a newspaper publisher and knew that the way to keep the funding was to publicize my uncle's accomplishments as a result of that education so there are many newspaper articles that I plan to scan and publish. Some of these have had the name of the newspaper &/or the date cut off, so I have not been able to use them as citations for Wikipedia so that I can correct the Wikipedia entry about Tadoma, but I still hope to properly attribute them at some point.
My head started saying, "Who are you to do this? No one will pay any mind. What does it matter?" I have given considerable thought to how to pick myself up and begin to write again. I have decided the best way forward is to return to my original plan - let the material speak for itself. I will scan &/or transcribe and then post what I have. Those that are interested can read what they wish and I'll leave any conclusions or results up to the strength of the material and to God. Give me time - retirement is coming and my depression is lifting.