Sunday, August 8, 2010

This week's update - 8/8/10

I've shared letters showing the early days when my grandfather and grandmother were first figuring out what to do once it looked like Tad would live. At this point I've decided to summarize my grandfather's search for help instead of posting each letter he wrote. The letters are pretty much the same as well as the responses he got. Most refer him either to Perkins Institute or to Helen Keller's book. I believe there is a response from Perkins and I will post that when I find it. I have most of the letters in archival sleeves in notebooks, but some letters have been taken out for one reason or another and then put back too quickly. The newspaper articles have been laminated by my mother and placed in a homemade scrapbook and in some cases the date or newspaper name was removed. In order to move ahead at this point I need to take some time to review and summarize from both the letters, clippings, and marginal notes in the books my grandfather used to make his argument to the State Legislature.