Sunday, May 30, 2010

More from Sept 1919

More learning - Now that I'm using a URL you can click on the image to get a larger view or see the whole image. (Didn't know it would do that, yet another learning experience.) Then just click your backspace to go back to the blog.- JB  
[Yet again a referral to Helen Keller but Helen Keller was the daughter of a rich man who could afford to hire a private teacher for his daughter. -JB

 [Tad was terrified that he could not see but since he was deaf no one could explain it to him.- JB]

[The above is from the Jackson School - I don't know any further information about them, but they did provide another lead that Grandfather could follow up. It would seem that Grandfather was contacting anyone he could and using whatever connections he had to find some help. They lived in Redfield SD which is still a small farming town, but it's the County seat. As in all small towns they didn't need a newspaper to get the news. As my mother used to say, "They know if you've brushed your teeth, and if you haven't they know why not."- JB]

[This letter dated 9/1/1919 was enclosed with the letter from the Jackson School.  Note he wrote on the bottom when he responded which must have been the same day since it came with the Jackson letter which was dated 9/21/19.
- JB  One more letter follows this one. I'm learning to put text in between images and I now see that I should crop at the bottom of the letters to avoid blank space. More learning! But I now know how to find and use an image URL.  - JB

[For once somebody didn't refer him to Helen Keller. - JB]