Monday, July 19, 2010

August 15, 1919 - more progress

August 15th 1919
[Dear Mother.]
Tad continues to get stronger very fast.  He holds himself together when we carry him now and sits up in the chair nicely and even tries a little to help with his feet when we pick him up.  For the past three days he has had a good deal to say about “I can’t see”.  He will try to look at his hands or at a paper or book.  Does not complain or worry or fuss over it but just states it as a fact.  He is still just as good as can be and plays and pretends and talks quite a little.  Yesterday he had one hand on my throat and one on his own and we were talking or rather I was making sounds that I wanted him to imitate and he told me “Noise goes right down there” feeling of his throat then of mine.  His life is too full of other things just yet for him to want to get bothered much yet.
[Dr. Winthrop S. Chapman]
[When he says Tad holds himself together when they carry them it makes me realize how very sick and very weak Tad was. Just think how a child who is awake holds himself and how different it is to hold a child who is asleep. - JB]

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