Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The right tool for the job?

I'm finding myself dissatisfied with the use of the blog to publish these documents. I thought about making a website but I'm not sure that would be any better. I'm starting to think that I'll transfer what I've written to a Google document that's linked to this blog. I could use the blog to report on my progress but do the real writing in the document. I think this may give me better control over image placement and it will be more readable. I've been finding that when I put an image in the blog it sometimes changes after I think it's OK. Another challenge is that my printer has died (scanner still works). But obstacles don't mean endings. I need to look into these options before I make any decisions.
One of the challenges of this project is dealing with the papers. I tend to get things spread out all over the floor and/or table (usually and) and things get mixed up. I've always been better at organizing things on the computer but have so much material that I'm reaching the limits of my organizational skills there. More time would help since there would be more continuity, but that's not going to happen for awhile. I'm working my way through again and sorting out what I've already used, what I've chosen not to use, and what comes next.
I'm still musing about format - blog, document, website? I've even considered a Facebook page. No decision today. But I'm moving forward. - Jane

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